Marta Maldonado

About Marta

Hello, I'm Marta Maldonado:

I am an artist who’s been passionately creating art for over 30 years. Throughout my journey as an artist, I’ve always believed in one thing: continuous evolution. I enjoy pushing my creative boundaries and exploring new horizons. My art is all about expressing emotions and capturing the essence of the human experience.

I use the pictorial medium to express my feelings, which are perhaps impossible for me to express in any other way. Within the art world, I thrive on pushing my creative boundaries and continually exploring new horizons. It is through this relentless pursuit that I find inspiration and growth, as I delve into unexplored techniques, experiment with different art forms, and challenge traditional norms. Embracing the unknown, I revel in the transformative power of art and the boundless possibilities that arise when I dare to venture beyond familiar territories.

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"Unveiling with our gaze the ultimate truth, glimpsing what lies behind, what we do not see, discovering something of our own that was hidden behind the labyrinth of sensations, and finally being moved. That is what it's all about".

My painting reflects dual perception. Whether it's realistic, figurative, or abstract, it doesn't matter... Painting. Art with a knowledge of language; unfiltered, devoid of artifices or tricks. Painting, tactile, rich, exuberant, multifaceted, not entirely defined, with nuances that shape a search and intention, without falling into the void of the banal, always engaging in a dialogue between the limits of dual and border spaces. An artistic expression that invites reflection, promotes different interpretations and unresolved dilemmas, where movement and change give meaning to the artwork itself.