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Getting Personal with Marta

Welcome to Marta Maldonado’s world, where I, as an artist, firmly believe in the power of artistic rebirth.

In my perspective, artists should constantly evolve and adapt to the present moment, expressing their creativity through new themes, styles, and techniques.


"The Horizon of Events" - Mixed Media on Canvas - 80x80 cm
Collection "El horizonte de los sucesos"

I strongly believe that artists should challenge established boundaries and venture into uncharted territories. It is through bold experimentation that they can discover new ways to communicate and connect with their audience. From exploring unconventional subject matters to pushing the boundaries of traditional techniques, artists have the opportunity to evolve and reinvent themselves continuously.

"I Was There" - Mixed Media on Paper - 68 x 48 cm
Collection form 2020

As artists navigate their path, it is crucial to explore diverse
techniques and themes. However, amidst the artistic journey, they must
always return to the fundamental and essential practice of drawing.
Drawing serves as the foundation, allowing artists to express their
vision, hone their skills, and connect with their innermost creativity.
It is through the simplicity and purity of drawing that artists find
their way, grounding themselves and staying true to their artistic

It is the mastery of this simplicity that allows artists to convey depth and emotion. Paradoxically, what an artist chooses to leave undrawn often speaks volumes, as the negative space and absence of lines create a sense of mystery and invite the viewer’s imagination to fill in the gaps. The art lies not only in what is drawn but also in the deliberate omissions, where the unspoken lines carry profound meaning and evoke a profound response from the observer.


Drawings 1 and 2 - Mixed Media on Paper -
Collection from "Drawings"

If techniques are the key, why not explore them all? As artists, we should embrace the opportunity to delve into various artistic forms, including sculpture and spatial art. By expanding into three dimensions, we can unlock a world of creative possibilities and transcend the limitations of traditional mediums.

Sculpture offers a tactile and hands-on approach, allowing us to manipulate materials and breathe life into our artistic visions. It adds depth and physicality to our work, inviting viewers to engage with the artwork from multiple perspectives.

Venturing into spatial art enables us to transcend the confines of a canvas and interact with the surrounding environment. By incorporating architectural elements and creating immersive installations, we can shape the viewer’s experience, evoking emotional responses and transforming spaces into living works of art.



Drawings 1 and 2 - Mixed Media on Paper -
Collection from "Drawings"

As an artist, I draw inspiration from the ever-changing world around me


"8 Horses" - Oil and Acrylic on Canvas - 46 x 55 cm
Collection from "Estudios Semana Santa de Lorca"

Whether it’s the serene beauty of a carefully arranged still life or the dynamic movement of horses in motion, each exploration allows me to expand my artistic horizons and continue my personal and creative growth.

"Consciousness and Creation" - Oil, Acrylic, Collage on Iron - 50 x 40 cm

In times of adversity, such as during the quarantine or other challenging moments, it becomes the artist’s responsibility to delve deeper and reflect upon the prevailing circumstances.

 It is our duty to capture the essence of those times and express them through our art.

 Our creative endeavors should not remain stagnant, but rather evolve and adapt to become critical reflections of the current state of affairs. By embracing this role, we have the power to provoke thought, inspire change, and shed light on important issues. Our art becomes a conduit for social commentary, urging society to examine and confront the realities that surround us.

Let us seize this opportunity to create meaningful and impactful art that transcends timey personal and creative growth.

"Fear and Hope" - Mixed Media on Canvas - 54 x 65 cm
"Freedom" - Mixed media on Canvas - 61 x 50 cm
Collection from "2020"

Join me on this journey of artistic rebirth and exploration. Let us celebrate the beauty of embracing change, expressing the ever-shifting world through our art, and inspiring others with our creative evolution. Together, we can push the boundaries, reinvent ourselves, and make a meaningful impact in the artistic realm.

Marta Maldonado, Painter



"Fear and Hope" - Mixed Media on Canvas - 54 x 65 cm
"Freedom" - Mixed media on Canvas - 61 x 50 cm
Collection from "2020"