Marta Maldonado


Marta's Studio, an architectural marvel created by the renowned studio I-Arq and led by the esteemed architect Jose Luis Fernandez Romero, is the perfect space for Marta's inspiration to thrive. This masterpiece of design harmonizes the interplay of light and shapes, providing a canvas for Marta's creativity to flourish. With meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of the power of architecture, Marta's Studio stands as a testament to the ability to shape and elevate the human experience.

When Marta was envisioning her studio, her primary focus was on creating expansive spaces that would be perfect for dancing, music, and, of course, showcasing her art. Each area within the studio has been meticulously designed to ensure that art takes center stage, with the strategic use of lighting to amplify its impact and evoke the desired emotions. The interplay between light and space enhances the overall ambiance, creating an environment that inspires creativity and allows Marta's art to shine brilliantly.

Contact Marta to see her art and studio

Contact Marta too see her art and studio